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PowerMatcher-IoT which uses concepts of Transactive Energy (TE) that provides a means for you to obtain benefits without having to expose your devices to 3rd parties and protect your privacy   It also provides new reporting capacities of renewable energy generation (i.e. solar, wind, etc) and reduces energy demand at peak times or during emergencies.  The capability offers you the ability to obtain monetary compensation for your participation that can accumulate in value over time thru utilization of renewable energy and forward demand projection.

This decentralized distributed approach also includes a Blockchain where by the transactions are recorded and can be validated once an agreement for the supply of energy has been confirmed.  The format of the messages is being standardized so it will be acceptable by financial institutions and can be certified for use in your particular area of the world.  This means also as acceptance grows for electronic credits they can be utilized anywhere in the world and independent of currency type utilized.

Please contact us to inquire about participating in the use of this new capability for your project for a Smart City or an Industrial Smart City.. 

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